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Welcome to 2021!

Welcome to 2021! We made it through a tough 2020, but, we did it together! We will continue to partner with you in the New Year as hopefully some of the challenges we faced in the prior year become a bit easier.

I would like to offer my sincere condolences to any of you who lost a loved one during the pandemic or who had to struggle through your own illness or financial hardships.

This has been a testament to the strength of our child care community, you are truly all Heroes who didn’t give up when the going got rough. We are all proud here at Midwest to be a part of each of your lives and witness the wonderful acts of kindness that so many of you provided to not only your child care families but, for complete strangers. This is what has kept us going knowing that there are so many caring and kind people in the world!

This year, Midwest’s goals are to continue to support you in your child care businesses, not only as the Child and Adult Care Food Program but as a source of support and knowledge. We are always here to assist you in making your child care program better and offering a shoulder to lean on when you are weary.

We are hoping by the end of 2021 to get back out in person to see each and every one of you. We truly miss seeing you and the human interaction you can’t replace with technology.

We appreciate your willingness to flow with the changes that we had to make due to the pandemic as well as learning a few new tricks about technology. We had to learn too!

In closing, let’s all be positive about the New Year and think about all of our blessings, we truly consider each and every one of you as ours.

Kindest regards,

Janet Herzog

Janet Herzog, Executive Director, and the entire staff at Midwest!

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