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New Partnerships to Help You!


I wanted to let all of you know of some exciting things that are happening at Midwest! We have established a wonderful connection that can assist you for FREE! If you are challenged by the financial or marketing side of your business, you are in luck! The Nebraska Business Development Center is here to help you. They offer their services at no cost to you and can assist you in many ways. If you need a little or a lot of help with developing a budget, business plan, or marketing ideas, please call us at 402-551-2379 and we will connect you with them. They are experts at helping businesses to hurdle challenges and ensure that your business thrives.

We have also partnered with the Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative. This organization is striving to assist Child Care Professionals truly understand that your business is just that – a business. They are going to conduct a wonderful conference on June 6th called “Elevate 20 – Early Childhood Business Summit”. This conference is completely dedicated to elevating your child care business by conducting classes specifically with your profession in mind. Midwest will be hosting a workshop there on how the Child and Adult Care Food Program helps your bottom line. Please mark your calendars for this wonderful opportunity to learn so much about “elevating” your business.

I also want to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate all of you! If you have ideas on things that we can do to make the most out of the Child and Adult Care Food Program, please let me know! We want you to be involved and have input on ways that we can help you. As you know, the program is federally regulated and we have to adhere to the rules, but, if there are other ways that we can help, we’d love too!

There have been many changes to the program within the past couple of years and you have accepted them with an open mind. We all have to remember that this program was originated to help child care professionals to feed children well-balanced meals with a partial reimbursement to assist you to offset food costs. It started off being a pretty simple program, but as the years have gone by, the program has evolved to become much more regulated, as many federally funded programs do. We have to adjust to these new regulations too. We all know that these changes are for the best and will benefit the health and nutrition of the children. That’s really the goal – to fight childhood obesity and instill good habits for their lifetime. You all contribute to that mission and that’s a wonderful gift that they will benefit from their entire lives! Thank you all so much!

Warmest wishes to all you and here’s to hoping Punxsutawney Phil was right!

Janet Herzog, Executive Director


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