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Midwest's Monthly Book and Cook: Builders & Breakers

It's Story Time!

Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.” Dr. Seuss

Builders & Breakers
Author and Illustrator: Steve Light

When Dad forgets his lunch, a brother and sister take it to him and discover all the action of a construction site.

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Before the lesson

Objective: Students will use number skills to build towers, bridges and fill trucks.

Collect materials that can be used to build towers and bridges or fil trucks (Legos, wood blocks, geometric shapes, marbles, foam or paper geometric shapes, etc.)


Read and Discuss
Read Builders & Breakers and discuss:

  1. Ask: What are the different things being built at the construction site? What materials were used? How did they transport these?
  2. Activity:  Build a Number Tower
    1. Give each child a set of blocks and ask them to build towers with a specific number of blocks (Example: Build a tower with 5 blocks.  Then practice counting to 5 and writing the number.  Children could also use this model to draw a tower of 5 blocks and write or trace the number 5.).  Break the tower downl
  3. Activity:  Build a Bridge
    1. Using blocks, a piece of construction paper and some marbles or beads, have children construct a bridge.  Lay the paper across the bridge and test how many beads/marbles they can lay on the bridge without it collapsing.  What changes can they make to their design?
  4. Activity:  Build a Truck
    1. Use paper, foam, or felt geometric shapes to design a truck or other costruction vehicle.  Children can tell what shape they are using and “fill it” by adding numbered items to the truck.


Allow children to “build” their lunch or snack sandwich with different materials.


Download the Recipe Ideas here

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