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Midwest's Monthly Book and Cook:  "Snowballs"

It's Story Time!

Kindness is like snow.  It beautifies everything it covers.”  Kahlil Gibran



Author: Lois Ehlert

When it’s snowing outside, there’s only one thing to do: pull on some mittens and head outside!

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Before the lesson

Objective: Students will create a snow friend using materials found around the classroom.

  • Collect materials that can be used to decorate their snow friend such as: yarn, buttons, colored paper scraps, material scraps, twigs, etc.
  • Discuss all the things we can do outside in the winter when snow is on the ground (make snow angels, snowmen/women, throw snowballs, hike, etc.).


Read and Discuss

Read Snowballs and discuss:

  1. Ask: What are all the items the author made her snow people from?
  2. Ask: What could you use to create your own Snow Friend?
  3. Activity:  Build a Snow Friend
    1. Give each child a snowperson outline or several circles of different sizes glued on to a larger piece of construction paper.
    2. Tell student to think about ways to make their Snow Friend unique.  Does your Snow Friend need a hat, scarf, or mittens? What about hair, eyes, mouth, arms, legs and clothes?  Is your Snow Friend a person or an animal?    
    3. With assistance, students can create a Meet My Snow Friend card:
      1. My Snow Friend is _________________________________________
      2. My Snow Friend has ________________________________________
      3. My Snow Friend is awesome because ___________________________



  • Make a snack of “snowballs” (white cheddar cheese balls).
  • Make puffy snow out of Elmers glue and shaving cream and allow students to create a snowscape.



Download the Recipe Ideas here

Download the Story Time PDF here

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