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Midwest's Monthly Book and Cook: "I Am Every Good Thing"

It's Story Time!

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.”  Audrey Hepburn


I Am Every Good Thing

Author: Derrick Barnes and Illustrator: Gordon C. James

“Let’s hear it for everything that makes you the amazing, awesome, inspiring kid that you are….”

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Before the Lesson

Objective: Students will realize they are worthy of respect and appreciate their differences.

  • Discuss what makes each child unique.  Have each child start a sentence with, “I am good at…..” If a child is struggling, offer ideas based on your own observations.  Children can then compare and contrast all the ways they have the same and different strengths.


Read and Discuss
Read I Am Every Good Thing and discuss:

  1. Ask: What are all the good things about the boy in the story?
  2. Ask: What are the good things about you?  Are any of them the same? Different?  Write down ideas as they are presented.
  3. Activity:  All About Me Art
    1. Give each child a face or body shape, or trace each child on a large sheet of paper. In the middle, write the words “I Can” for each child.
    2. Have the students decorate the outlines to look like themselves.  
    3. Have each child pick out traits or skills that he/she is proud of and draw pictures to represent each thing.  Children could also cut out pictures from magazines to represent the traits.
    4. Take time to share each child’s work and discuss what he or she is great at



Encourage students to recognize the Good Things about each other by drawing pictures of what they like about someone else and “mailing” them by placing in the other students’ classroom mailboxes.



Download the Recipe Ideas here

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