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Who We Are

Mission & History

Our Core Principals

We will gain and retain child care providers
Expand in new directions, and yet stay simple
Helping providers take their jobs seriously and willingly
We will continue to grow

We will educate providers to help make them better,
To turn on the lights
To empower them to get what they need
So they will be proud of themselves and their career

It’s important that these women know they are worth it
They are not babysitters; they are business women
And for us, let’s stay solid and progressive
Let’s sustain ourselves financially
Let’s keep Janet’s vision alive
To help women sustain themselves financially
And let’s always remember it’s those babies we are fighting for
Let’s help our centers become the top notch ranking centers with great reputations
No matter the income level

Let’s keep caring, educating, training and re-training
No matter how long it takes, because we are always there
We are the guides, helping them go in the right direction
And know they are not alone
Our industry is changing; we know this
So let’s evolve just like we’ve always done
And let’s help our providers evolve too
Following the needs
Making it all work
Being proactive
Continuing to make relationships the priority
And helping each other through the changes
Knowing it will all work out because we will stay strong
We will come together and work together as one
Coming to peace
Knowing each other and the quality we bring
We will continue to provide the best service to our providers

Written By: Midwest’s Staff – May 2014

© 2017 Midwest Child Care Association

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